In accordance with the provision of Finance (Control and Management) Act, Cap LFN 2004, the Accountant-General is responsible for the preparation of Financial Statements. The Accountant-General is the Chief Accounting Officer for the receipts and payment of the State Government of Osun. He is responsible for the general supervision of accounting activities in all Ministries, Departments and Agencies within the State and for compilation of the Annual Financial Statements of Accounts or any such other Statements of Accounts as may be required by law. In doing this, he also has the responsibilities for;

  • Serve as the Chief Accounting Officer of the receipts and payment of the State Government
  • Supervise the Accounts of all Ministries and Agencies of Government;
  • Collate, present and publish statutory Financial Statements of the State Government and any other statements of Accounts required by Legislation or the Commissioner for Finance;
  • Ensure that in preparing the Financial Statements, he uses appropriate accounting policies & procedures in a consistent manner supported by reasonable prudent judgements and estimates affirming that all applicable Accounting Standards such as International Public Sector Accounting Standard and Other Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) have been followed.
  • Maintain and operate the Accounts of the Consolidated Revenue Funds, Development Fund, Contingencies Fund and other Public Funds and provides cash backing for the operations of the State Government;
  • Establish and supervise Treasury Cash Offices in each Local Government in the State;
  • Establish and maintain an adequate system of Internal Control designed to provide reasonable assurance that the transactions recorded reflect the prudent deployment of all resources by Government.
  • Conduct routine and in-depth inception of the books of accounts of Ministries and Agencies of Government to ensure compliance with rules, regulations, policies, decisions and maintenance of Accounting Codes and Internal Audit Guides;
  • Approve and ensure compliance with Accounting Codes, Audit and Store Verification Manuals;
  • Taking such steps as are reasonably open to him to safeguard the Assets of the State and to prevent and detect fraud and irregularities.
  • Investigate in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, cases of fraud, loss of funds, assets and store items and other financial malpractices in Ministries/Agencies of Government as well as rendition of report to appropriate agencies of government;
  • Carry out Revenue Monitoring and Accounting;
  • Issue officially approved forms bearing Treasury numbers for use in all Ministries and Agencies of Government to ensure uniformity;
  • Formulate the Accounting Policy of the State Government;
  • Service Public Debt and Loans;
  • Organise training of accounts and internal audit personnel in all Ministries and Agencies of Government, and
  • Shall primarily be responsible to the Commissioner for Finance and whenever situation demands, to the Governor through the Commissioner for Finance.