The office of the Accountant-General belongs to the finance conglomerate under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance. The Accountant- General of the State Government of Osun is the administrative head of the State Treasury. The Accountant-General is appointed by the Governor and often serve till retirement in accordance with the Public Service Rule.

The Accountant-General is charged with the responsibility to manage all receipts and payments of the State to ensure that a proper system of account together with controls exist in every department of the State’s treasury.  He also exercises general supervision over the receipts of public revenue and over the expenditure of the State Government.

The State Treasury office is one of the arms of the Ministry of Finance.  The office is also known and called the Office of the Accountant-General.  This office has been in existence since the creation of the state.

The Treasury office is solely responsible for the delivery of financial services of the State Government under the technical supervision and coordination of the office of the Accountant-General. 

It comprises of five (5) Departments and (1) Unit,

1.        Treasury and Pension Services

2.        Inspectorate and Management Services

3.        Administration and Supplies

4.        Finance and Accounts

5.        Final Accounts


(i)        Internal Audit Unit

The Departments and Units in the Accountant-General perform various functions and activities that have in no small measure enhanced the development of the State.